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Our Six Sigma PowerPoint license is a complete set of lean six sigma training materials and supporting content that will  give you instant training capabilities. This suite of content has been designed for you to create or augment your own six sigma training program. This license package has everything you need for a truly world class implementation, with over 2,500 pages of professionally designed and edited content, it is up to date with references to the latest versions of statistical software.

This training content is among the worlds best commercially available Lean Six Sigma PowerPoint content. Every exercise includes step by step instructions on how to perform analysis using Minitab, JMP, or SigmaXL (depending on the courseware version you choose).

Six Sigma PowerPoint

Key Lean Six Sigma Topics

Topics Included in Six Sigma PowerPoint

Includes Our Entire Suite of Support Files


  • Sample Data (.xls .xlsx)
  • Box Cox.xlsx (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Box Plot (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Capability Analysis (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Central Limit Theorem (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Chi Square Test1 & 2 (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Correlation Coefficient (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • CumSum (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • EWMA (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Histogram (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • IMR (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Kruskal Wallis (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Logistic Regression (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Mann-Whitney (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Median test (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Multi-Vari (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Multiple Linear Regression (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • NP Chart (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • 1 & 2 Sample Proportion (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • One-Sample Wilcoxon (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • 1 & 2 Sample t (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • One-Way ANOVA (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Pareto (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • P Chart (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Paired t (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Run Chart (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Scatter Plot (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Simple Linear Regresson (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Stepwise Regression (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Test of Equal Variances (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • U Chart (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • Attribute & Variable MSA (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)
  • XbarR & XbarS (.xlsx .mtw .jpm)


  • Audit-Checklist.xlsx
  • Cause & Effects Matrix.xlsx
  • Communication-Plan-Template.xlsx
  • Control-Plan-Template.xlsx
  • DMAIC-Project-Checklist.xlsx
  • DPMO-Sigma-Table.pdf
  • FMEA-Template.xlsx
  • Gantt-Chart-Template.xlsx
  • MBF-Template.xlsx
  • Probability-F-distribution-table.pdf
  • Probability-Z-distribution-table.pdf
  • Probability-chi-square-dis-table.pdf
  • Project-Charter-Template.docx
  • Project-Charter-Template.xlsx
  • Project-Prioritization.xlsx
  • Pugh-Matrix.xlsx
  • Sample-Size-Calculator.xlsx
  • Scorecard-Template.xlsx
  • SIPOC-Template.xlsx
  • SOP-Template.docx
  • SOW-Template.docx
  • Students-t-Distribution-Table.pdf
  • Takt-Time-Calculator.xlsx
  • Training-Plan-Template.xlsx
  • Risk Management Plan.xls
  • XY-Matrix.xls


  • Hypothesis Testing Roadmap
  • Control Charts Roadmap
  • DMAIC Roadmap


  • BB-Answers.docx
  • BB-Questions.docx
  • GB-Answers.docx
  • GB-Questions.docx
  • YB-Answers.docx
  • YB-Questions.docx

Includes DFSS and Lean Bronze Content

Our Six Sigma Powerpoint license also includes our Lean Bronze and DFSS training material which follows the DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify) methodology. The DFSS curriculum will teach you how to design products and/or processes using customer intelligence gathered through direct or passive methods. In addition to understanding the design of a process or product you will be able to gather and interpret customer feedback and the steps taken to translate that information into actionable and measurable requirements.

Like the Six Sigma PowerPoint files, this training material is formatted in Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx file format) that will provide you with hundreds of pages of our full DFSS and Lean Bronze curriculum. Additionally, the content comes with relevant templates and data files necessary to follow along in a step by step fashion. Lastly, the DFSS content also features the evaluation of design concepts and simulation modeling for thousands of outcomes using Discover Sim’s Monte Carlo simulation.

Available in Three Variations

Six Sigma is a fact-based problem solving methodology and with that approach comes the need for collecting and analyzing data to determine fact from fiction. We offer our curriculum in 3 versions each providing step by step instructions with screen shots from any of the tree statistical analysis software programs shown below.

JMP v.13

Minitab v.18

Six Sigma Licensing Partner SigmaXL

SigmaXL v.8

Six Sigma PowerPoint License Detail

We spend a great deal of time and money developing, managing, and updating this premium content. You will not find better content at our price level with our generous license terms. As a licensee of our intellectual property we consider you a partner and desire to help you succeed. In return, we expect you to understand and honor the terms of your license agreement. Below are a few key details about this license.

With the Six Sigma PowerPoint License You Are Free To

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But You Will Not Be Allowed To

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