Six Sigma Practice Tests


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Six Sigma Practice Test and Answer Key

These Lean Six Sigma practice tests are designed to help you prepare your for your IASSC or ASQ certification exam. You can even use these question sets to test your own students for a certification exam given by your own company.

All test questions are based on our accredited curriculum and the answers are guaranteed to be found within our content. The answers key is provided as a separate pdf file. Question formats are varied to challenge and encourage sound understanding of the subject matter. Question formats are:

  • true/false
  • multiple choice
  • multiple response
  • fill in the blank
  • sequencing

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Six Sigma Practice Test Composition

Six Sigma Practice Test

Black Belt - 182 Questions - Full DMAIC Coverage - pdf Download

Six Sigma Practice Test

Green Belt - 159 Questions - Full DMAIC Coverage - pdf Download

Six Sigma Practice Test

Yellow Belt - 85 Questions - DMC Coverage - pdf Download

Six Sigma Practice Test Sample Questions

A process operating at 6 Sigma will only generate 3.4 defects per million opportunities?

[   ]   True

[   ]   False

DPU is calculated by dividing the number of defects by the number of units

[   ]   True

[   ]   False

A hypothesis test is a statistical method in which a specific hypothesis is formulated about the population, and the decision of whether to reject the hypothesis is made based on sample data.

[   ] True

[   ] False

To achieve Six Sigma the DMAIC methodology follows which approach

[   ]   Brainstorm possible factors then randomly analyze them to find the significant ones

[   ]   Use SME knowledge & experience to quickly find solutions

[   ]   Use the transfer function Y=f(x)

Who is credited as being the father of Six Sigma?

[   ]   Bob Galvin

[   ]   Mikel Harry

[   ]   Jack Welch

[   ]   Bill Smith

What type of muda is waste from working more than required, scheduling more capacity than necessary or using resources that are overkill?

[   ]   Inventory

[   ]   Over-Production

[   ]   Motion

[   ]   Waiting

[   ]   Transportation

[   ]   Over-Processing

From the following, select those that are characteristics of a Lean Enterprise

[   ] Pull Systems

[   ] Flow

[   ] Zero Waste

[   ] Availability

[   ] Flexibility

[   ] Value Add

A well written problem statement contains all of the following except

[   ] Baseline

[   ]  Goal

[   ] Gap

[   ] COPQ

[   ] Timeline Reference

[   ] Project Plan

Which are common sources of variation in most measurement systems?

[   ] Part to part variation

[   ] Measurement instrument

[   ] Repeatability

[   ] Reproducibility

[   ] Humidity

[   ] Altitude


__________ is the difference between the observed value and the true value of a measurement.



The __________ chart is used to visualize sources of variation.



To reduce β risk, we should increase the __________.


Put these 5S's into the proper order of execution

[   ] Set in Order

[   ] Sort

[   ] Shine

[   ] Sustain

[   ] Standardize

Arrange these C&E process steps into the correct order of execution.

[   ] Affinitize or group the causes

[   ] Brainstorm all potentials causes

[   ] Evaluate

[   ] Identify & define the effect


Our content and body of knowledge is aligned to ASQ, IASSC and more importantly, accredited by the Council for Six Sigma Certification.

The Council for Six Sigma Certification is a professional association devoted to ensuring that curriculum providers and training programs maintain minimum standards for both Six Sigma certification and Lean Six Sigma certification. The Council provides accreditation services to more than 165 countries around the world and have accredited numerous universities, 3rd party training firms, consultants and individual trainers.

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