Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

This online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification training will prepare you to successfully lead and execute Lean Six Sigma projects, perform Six Sigma analysis, and use the D.M.A.I.C methodology.

Our program is 100% online and your certification can be achieved at your own pace. It is comprised of professionally narrated eLearning modules, interactive quizzes, tests, and exams. All delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and for as long as you wish with our "Forever Access" policy.

Why Get Your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

Earn More Money

the median Black Belt salary in the U.S. is $96,022 (source: 10th Annual iSixSigma Global Salary Survey).

Get Hired or Promoted

Nearly 30% of newly certified professionals earn a promotion or new job within 12 months of certification

Fast Facts About Our Certification Program


(as of October '18)


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Development Units

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What You Get With Our Certification Program

  • Perpetual Access - No Time Limits on Your Account Access!

  • Custom Certification Letter In Your Online Account

  • Listing In Our Official Online Certification Directory

  • Digital Certificate

Training Features

  • Professionally Narrated eLearning Modules
  • Matching Interactive Quizzes
  • 5 Chapter Tests (one for each DMAIC phase)
  • Official Certification Exam
  • 96% Satisfaction Rating (as of June '18)
  • Over 2,557 Certifications (as of October ’18)

System Features

  • Forever Access Policy
  • System Availability 24 x 7
  • Group and Private Chat
  • Glossary and Forum
  • "How to" Articles
  • Tools, Templates, Roadmaps, Data Files

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Requirements

  • Review All eLearning Modules & Quizzes
  • Pass All Five D.M.A.I.C. Tests (80% or better)
  • Pass Certification Exam (80%, 2 Attempts)
  • Complete Required Course Feedback
  • Complete Six Sigma Project Requirements


Six Sigma Black Belt Project Requirements

  • Submit Define Phase Project Report and pass Define Tollgate
  • Submit Measure Phase Project Report and pass Measure Tollgate
  • Submit Analyze Phase Project Report and pass Analyze Tollgate
  • Submit Improve Phase Project Report and pass Improve Tollgate
  • Submit Control Phase Project Report and pass Control Tollgate


Professional Development Units

Progject Management InstituteTaking and completing your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course through Lean Sigma Corporation will allow you to submit a request to PMI for 105 PDU's.

Upon completion of all certification requirements, you will receive a certification letter that will include all necessary information to submit to PMI for your PDU's.



Your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification will be recognized industry-wide! Earning your certification from the Lean Sigma Corporation means you have successfully demonstrated mastery of the Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge consistent with all industry recognized certification providers. Our content and body of knowledge is aligned to ASQ, IASSC, and more importantly, accredited by the Council for Six Sigma Certification.

The Council for Six Sigma Certification is a professional association devoted to ensuring that curriculum providers and training programs maintain minimum standards for both Six Sigma certification and Lean Six Sigma certification. The Council provides accreditation services to more than 165 countries around the world and has accredited numerous universities, 3rd party training firms, consultants, and individual trainers.


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: Curriculum Outline

Statistical Software Options

Our Six Sigma Black Belt Certification course is $1,495 and by default does not include statistical software. However, throughout the course there are dozens of exercises (over 40) that use statistical software to perform analysis. We teach you how to use these programs with step by step instructions, screen shots and result interpretations.

What is Minitab and SigmaXL?

Minitab, and SigmaXL are statistical analysis software programs that are used to perform important analytical exercises found throughout our courses. We offer our courses in versions that accommodate the use of these software programs. Users are not required to purchase this software and may elect to use the providers 30-day free trial.

However, as a licensed re-seller of both Minitab and SigmaXL, we can provide lower cost options that can be included in the price of our courses. If you purchase a course and add statistical software such as "Minitab” we will provide you with a 6-month license of it for use during your course. If you choose SigmaXL instead, we will provide you with a perpetual license of SigmaXL.

What’s the Difference?

Minitab is a stand-alone software program installed on your computer and is widely considered the industry standard for Six Sigma statistical software. The software retails for $1,495. We provide a 6-month license of Minitab if you add it in the options above. The additional cost will be $400 making your total course cost $1,895.

SigmaXL is a Microsoft Excel add-on that has been designed to perform just like Minitab. It retails for $249. We provide a perpetual license of SigmaXL if you select it from the options above. The additional cost will be $200 making your total course cost $1,695.

Additional information

Add Statistical Software

No Software, Minitab, SigmaXL

57 reviews for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

  1. Keith Lawton

    Run one example project through the training. Provide context to what you’re doing in each stage versus just teaching the individual statistical tools for each stage. DIscuss what’s necessary when and why it needs to be done.

  2. Fuchi Yang

    1. The articles are great.
    2. The website training quizzes, tests and exam are good.
    It would be perfect if had more examples or case studies.

  3. Brooke Pierce

    I am so pleased with having done this course. I was not sure initially if I could do it, yet my Instructor, Berry Wesler was such a great teacher. I was fortunate to have him for both my GB & BB classes. My Black Belt Mentor, Gabe Chapa, was excellent. I learned a lot from him while working on my BB Project, and the way he mentored me assisted me in applying the information. I am very grateful for having taken this course. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in expanding their management perspective. The best words that I have are: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to all involved in this journey & process with me.

  4. Kim Guissard

    – One of the preparation quiz is displaying a wrong answer (see “Measure Phase Test GB”, question regarding “(…) is how consistent the repeated measurements deliver the same values under the same circumstances”. The answer should be “precision” instead of “bias”.
    – More practical examples and exercises could have been more beneficial.

  5. James Bonilla

    This course without question enabled me to bring together all the pieces and i now have a full, comprehensive understanding of a LSSBB. I recommend this course to any busy business professional , it is unbeatable.

  6. Dhruvita

    There should be more examples of when a process will be used.

  7. John B.

    This course without question enabled me to bring together all the pieces and i now have a full, comprehensive understanding of a LSSBB. I recommend this course to any busy business professional , it is unbeatable.

  8. R. Holmes

    The control charts coverage was the most useful for me.

  9. A. Jones

    The lesson material was most helpful as each section of DMAIC was broken down into steps for sound understanding.

  10. S. DeMarino

    Online tools were easy to use and very helpful

  11. M. Schaffer

    Repetition with increased detail to the concepts and terminology was very useful. In my opinion nothing at all needs to be improved for this course.

  12. Glenn T.

    Technology based teaching was very effective and useful.

  13. Le D

    The use of the statistical analysis in the improvement phase was extremely useful. The 5 phases of the process are clearly defined and taught. The discussion of the statistical analysis may be a bit too deep for most people. If I did not have a statistics background, the discussion would have been lost on me.

  14. M Taylor

    Although many of the resources located within the training modules were very useful and informative, the features of this training I found most useful were the actaully excersies and exams relevant to each phase. It served as a strong basis in explaning each phase in great detail and how each concept is applied in identifying and reducing process variation. The quizzes located within each phase module were also very helpful, they were able to provide more insight on specific areas and to ensure all material relevent to its phase were addressed and fully understood.

  15. A. Mendoza

    Quizzes and tests helped to reinforce learning.

  16. M. Greene

    It was a very good course

  17. Joel

    The SigmaXL add in for excel was helpful

  18. Henry

    Very quick response to tests.

  19. R. Paniagua

    The word excersises and quizzes were extremely helpful

  20. Alex

    The online presentations were great. The sample data was also helpful in understanding key concepts.

  21. L. Noyd

    Too much Sigma Excel and too many examples. There should be one problem that students work on all week using the material as training throughout that problem.

  22. Mario

    all was good, great variety of material. Although I am not so good with minitab there were great insights with the exercises and yes, even more than the ones available would be even better.

  23. Jethro

    I found the interactive training very useful, but the quizzes helped me the most to see what subject i was weak on.

  24. Chris

    I loved everything about the course!

  25. James

    Being able to hear (voice) on a lot of the slides helps people that need audibles to learn. Being able to go back and review the course helps before the test. Really in depth with the formulas. I took this course in college a few years back so it was a great refresher course and was challenging.

  26. April

    The online feature and the ability access the recordings after for review were very useful to me.

  27. Jackowski

    The features most useful to me were the recorded lessons and the PDF course book.

  28. R. Sankara

    I could study at my leisure and at own pace. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It boosted my confidence level and helped me to relate the modules to projects and work that I have been involved in, making the study applicable.

  29. M. Bussa

    Feature of training that i found useful are:
    1. Online training
    2. Outline of the program
    3. Contents of some of the modules

  30. Jennifer

    This course was incredibly helpful to get a better grasp of Measure and Analyze – both conceptually and mathematically. I needed the detail from the lessons in order to absorb the material, and this was very good.

  31. Robert

    The Structure and the content were organized very clearly but sometimes i felt there were too many clicks needed to get to some information.

  32. Jason

    The course work PDF is a great reference. The online moduals are clear. Each phase is broken up in to managable chuncks and the quizes are very useful

  33. Floyd

    I found the presentation aspects of the course most useful. I was able to go back over the material several times until I had a full understanding of its content. I also found the material was presented in an manner that guided you through the DMAIC process in an effective way.

  34. Vernon

    All the training materials were extremely helpful the lessons and the glossary was very useful.

  35. Teresa

    Quizzes and tests helped with the final test. Also the examples step by step of the process were great.

  36. Ruth

    The lesson materials were very resourceful and clearly broke-down each phase.

  37. Oscar

    I found the course layout to be the most helpful to me. The manner in which the course material was presented was by far one of the best that I have partaken in. I would definitely recommend and hope to be back for additional training. The lesson material (adobe.pdf lesson plan) was well organized and received.

  38. J. Gula

    Self-paced nature of the program was exteremely convenient. Great at giving a general understanding of all topics, but did not thoroughly explain much. I now know where I need to improve. No real-world examples of application included. Lesson slides very basic, sometimes gramatically incorrect. It looks like this was pieced together by several different contributors and was not proofread extensively.

  39. Eugene

    The things i found most useful were definitely the quizzes and tests which were very helpful. I like the fact that you can have multiple attempts of the testing material.

  40. Sharon

    The voice-over run through of the slides as well as the test examples as you were going through the slides were very helpful.The worked examples using the tools to perform the analysis were great too.

  41. Sylvester

    I liked the entire training but most of all I like the different power points that was within the training.

  42. Jim

    I found the quizzes and test most useful.

  43. James

    I admit I was a bit skeptical coming into the course but the on-line learning is an excellent way to deliver course content.

  44. Michael

    The DMAIC method is a powerful problem solving method. I appreciate the number of tools this training offers for each phase of the method.

  45. Terron

    What I Found most useful was that the course is fully done online and having the ability to take the course at your own pace. Having each section broken down was also a plus. All of the information was great. Also, having quizzes and tests in each section was very useful. Using the tools and tips also helped.

  46. Chris

    I Really liked the audio availability.

  47. Ray

    I liked having everything in one place, it made it much easier to study for the exam.

  48. John

    I really enjoyed the course. I Found the Course content to be thorough and relevant to our manufacturing environment. It is my first experience with an On-line course and although the documentation is very comprehensive, I found it forces the candidate to also do additional research especially in order to successfully complete the Project.

  49. Henry

    The features of this training i found to be most useful were the lesson material and additional processes. They were very useful in preparation for tests and quizzes.

  50. Brad

    The features of this training that I found most useful were: 1. The freedom to be able to work through the lessons at my convenience. 2. The copy of the manual I was able to print and take notes on.

  51. Ruben

    The table of contents breakdown was effective in maneuvering through the sections for reference. The fact that I still have access to the content for reference at a later date is impressive.

  52. Gary

    I really liked being able to access the material whenever it was convenient for me. I also liked the “master slides” that were downloadable in pdf.

  53. Karen

    Great Course, the Exams and DMAIC chapter tests were very helpful.

  54. Andrew

    Very good program, I learned a lot. The most useful aspect of this training was that it came with all the tools for a better understanding.

  55. Oscar Cifuentes

    It changes your life. Normally I would have to compete and not even get a callback from interviewers in Guatemala. A few months after the certification I even got a callback from a firm in New York City. To say it opens doors is an understatement. You immediately become the go to person for improvements and that exposure gives you a leg up with the competition in any business.I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking to developing themselves as a professional in Lean Six sigma. Even without experience you will immediately see the results after a few classes.

  56. George

    This online course is indeed a major upgrade over the original version. It’s much more interactive and intuitive.

  57. John

    My first impression of this course was that it is very good. I like the narration and the interactivity improvements. I am hoping to get my boss interested in the course.

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