Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification with SigmaXL

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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification with SigmaXL

This online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification includes a perpetual license of SigmaXL to be used in the exercises throughout the course. This course prepares you to lead and execute Lean Six Sigma projects, perform the analysis associated with Lean Six Sigma projects, and use the D.M.A.I.C to successfully solve problems. You will learn step by step how to perform analytics using SigmaXL.

Lean Sigma Corporation’s Green Belt certification is a complete online training that can be navigated at your own pace. The Green Belt certification is comprised of professionally narrated eLearning modules, interactive quizzes throughout lessons, D.M.A.I.C Phase chapter tests, and a final certification exam. You will have access to the online training portal 24/7 for as long as you would like with our “Forever Access” policy.

Training Features

  • eLearning Professionally Developed
  • 17 Engaging Quizzes
  • Test for each D.M.A.I.C Phase
  • Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification Exam
  • 96% Satisfaction Rating (as of June '18)
  • More than 2,345 Certifications awarded (as of June '18)

System Features

  • Perpetual System Access
  • 24/7 Online Access to Portal
  • Group & Private Chat
  • Forum and Glossary for Reference
  • "How to" Articles
  • Tools, Templates, Roadmaps and Data Files

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Requirements

  • Review All eLearning Modules & Quizzes
  • Pass All Five D.M.A.I.C. Tests (80% or better)
  • Pass Certification Exam (80%, 2 Attempts)
  • Complete Required Course Feedback

Professional Development Units

Progject Management InstituteTaking and completing your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course through Lean Sigma Corporation will allow you to submit a request to PMI for 85 PDU's.

Upon completion of all certification requirements, you will receive a certification letter that will include all necessary information to submit to PMI for your PDU's.



Your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification will be recognized industry wide! Earning your certification from the Lean Sigma Corporation means you have successfully demonstrated mastery of the Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge consistent with all industry recognized certification providers. Our content and body of knowledge is aligned to ASQ, IASSC and more importantly, accredited by the Council for Six Sigma Certification.

The Council for Six Sigma Certification is a professional association devoted to ensuring that curriculum providers and training programs maintain minimum standards for both Six Sigma certification and Lean Six Sigma certification. The Council provides accreditation services to more than 165 countries around the world and have accredited numerous universities, 3rd party training firms, consultants and individual trainers.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Curriculum

Six Sigma Green Belt Curriculum Outline

Statistical Software and SigmaXL

Our Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course includes many analytical topics that use statistical software to perform analysis. Our course will teach you how to conduct analytics and use your statistical software. The lessons will provide you with step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and result interpretations. SigmaXL is a Microsoft Excel add-on that has been designed to perform just like Minitab. It retails for $249. We provide a perpetual license of SigmaXL with the price of this course.


Additional information

Add Statistical Software

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53 reviews for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification with SigmaXL

  1. Andrew

    The online content is very strong. The ability to login and resume from where you last left off (or to redo a section as part of a refresh) affords full-time, working professionals a huge amount of flexibility.

  2. Ryan S.

    The quizes and tests are the most useful part to me because I had the ability to go through those to study every time.

  3. Bhende S.

    The whole course is a great compilation of all the needful material for being updated within the Six Sigma Industry. The interactive presentations, quizzes and voice instructions keep it lively.

  4. D. Ames

    The quiz and test feedback was helpful. Maybe a sample final would be helpful. There is alot of information covered in this course and it is hard to recall all of it during the green belt certification.

  5. Jonathan

    The self learning pace and simple things as speed and tone of voice give importance to concepts. Tests and quizzes are ample to ensure understanding.

  6. F. Fernandes

    Self paced and self learning was great.
    there are some situations where the answers have to match what is predefined. eg.on my quiz for multiple regression i gave an answer for the following question: [of the 3 variables the one with the _______ coefficient has the most influenceon your “Y”?] My response the answer as “greatest” but it was declined as the accetable answer was” biggest”, “highest”. “largest”

  7. Emardis

    I found all of the material useful and the slide deck was very helpful.

  8. U. Graham

    I found the test and the tutorials to be most helpful.

  9. Andrew

    The mathematics involved in analyzing the process control data; how the general flow of the analytics allows you to infer conclusions about the process to determine what needed to change. Very beneficial.

  10. Orlando

    Although it can be simplified, the interactive training was what I found to be very useful. Things i felt could be improved were making the software a little more user friendly by making icons more unified and topic specific.

  11. Mike

    First thing I was able to use was sorting. We were looking for some equipment in our storage room and we were not able to find it. Me and my co-worker who also took the class we look at each other and started cleaning up.

  12. M. King

    The Training provided detail information on the LEAN concepts, what formulas to use and when to use them.

  13. L. Wines

    The online quizzes were helpful. The additional materials provided on the website complemented the course materials delivered by the trainer.

  14. Lauren

    The self paced aspect and examples given using the free software trials were very useful.

  15. Mark

    Material is nicely laid out and presented. One of the best on-line learning, quiz and test offerings I have used. Repetition of concepts in quizzes and testing drives home concepts.

  16. Tiffany

    Videos were very helpful to refresh memory from instructor lead lessons Roadmap charts were easy reference PDF file of content was helpful in searching content for reference Bookmarked videos Good reference material.

  17. Pasquale

    The program featured a nice balance of high level concepts and hands on exercises through Minitab. Easy to navigate back to refresh your knowledge as well.

  18. Kathleen

    This is a great program. I was able to complete the exam and testing with a lot of personal things going on including work.

  19. Johanna

    The step by step examples for doing each operation in Minitab was of great value.

  20. Ray

    Very well organized course. Very useful and relevant concept in the business world. Nothing to add or take away.

  21. Rob

    I liked the completeness of the program. I like that I have a ton of information available to print out and review. – See more at: http://www.leansigmacorporation.com/green-belt-certification-course#sthash.kWvsXWNF.dpuf

  22. Keith

    Online tools for sharing audio, video, up/downloading of files, chatting via text …. ALL AT THE SAME TIME !

  23. Lara

    The quizzes were very helpful as well as the practice exams.

  24. Evelyn

    Very thorough! Perhaps a few more practical examples that don’t necessarily go through the statistical analysis would have made it better.

  25. Antonio

    The section of process evaluation and project development was the most useful since it is the most inherent to real life. The sections with statistics are way to advanced to cover in such a short period of time and without participating with examples.

  26. Jason

    The quizzes and practice tests were very useful and the downloadable templates, roadmaps and slides. From what I have seen of the online material, it seems to be good too. I as an audio/visual learner I appreciate the extra effort that was put into providing the audio and interactive aspects of the material.

  27. Nancy

    Quizzes are great to solidify comprehension and identify areas needing review. Additional docs provided – roadmaps tools etc will be quite useful going forward.

  28. Robert

    It was a very intense course and I hope to use my learning from it soon.

  29. Quarshie

    The feature of the training that I found most useful was the ability to pause and continue the lesson if you are interrupted. Also the test on each phase was very helpful.

  30. Kristina


  31. James

    I found the ability to search through the PDF document for most answers to be VERY helpful. I do appreciate the fact that quizzes are available for each phase, and then the test on each of the five phases. The subject matter and the way it was presented, kept you interested in each subject matter. It was made easier to find things by having this online.

  32. Elizabeth

    The practice tests before the chapter test were extremely helpful.

  33. Mekell

    The visual training in the modules and the roadmap were most useful to me.

  34. Scott

    The website training was pretty good. It uses Sigma XL alot and I don’t have that tool, but other than that it was ok. Testing was very good and gave plenty of opportunity for practice.

  35. Lee

    The quizzes and tests really helped me to pass the certification exam.

  36. Andrea

    The real-world examples of the concepts helped me a lot.

  37. Jaleel

    In describing the features of this training that were most helpful, I would say the repeatable quizzes and tests really helped reinforce some of the questions. The ability to bookmark key concepts was also very helpful when watching the slides.

  38. Chris

    The course material and break down of the information provided by my mentor were the most helpful to me.

  39. Carole

    I liked how the phases were covered individually and explored as independent units. The examples and explanations for the statistical parts were very helpful. I also liked the quizzes and practice tests. They really helped prepare me for the exam.

  40. Jason

    Very good material overall

  41. Mike

    Pretty good training. I Liked being able to take (and retake) the quizzes and tests prior to the certification exam.

  42. Erma

    It was my first on-line class. Everything went smoothly as far as being able to get on the computer and accessing the on-line training. I found the entire DMAIC process useful and I will definitely apply it to my job when I get back to work.

  43. Karen

    There is an abundance of information in this course that I am sure will help me in the future. Lots of areas where I can refer back and apply it in the real world.

  44. Zack

    Good video and training material.

  45. Bob

    This course was very thorough. I would say that the sections regarding the Analyze phase were the most helpful. I started to understand how results and actions connect because of it. The good review of the basics in the define phase was good too. I felt the format and method of presentation was very good. At no time did I feel that I was being left out or lost due to the fact it was an on-line course. It was my first time for that type of format and I would not hesitate to do it again. The repetitive quiz, test, quiz, test, etc., format was also very helpful.

  46. Eric

    I loved the quizzes and the exams, they gave you instant feedback and kept up my motivation during the long process. I really liked the slides also because I was able to electronically keep notes, much better then having a paper book.

  47. Stephanie

    I really liked being able to view the tests. It would have been even better to be able to view all the quizzes.

  48. Brian

    I have been in front line management for over 20 years. I have, in some fashion, done this process many times. I now have the ability to complete a project from start to finish instead of being thrown in the middle. For me, the introduction and the Control Phases were the most useful.

  49. Amin

    Everything in this course is very very useful. It also gives many ways to lead any project to success. I Would recommend this course to a friend or colleague.

  50. Glen

    All features of this training were useful to me, great content! I don’t believe there are any aspects of this training that need improvement, great job!

  51. Andre

    Illustrations and diagrams were useful to visualize the concepts. There are some small typos and spelling errors (e.g. “p-chart” vs., “P Chart”).

  52. Michelle

    I found the pre-tests to be the most useful aspect of this training. One minor fault is that the test timer only shows when you have 15 min left, i would rather see the timer throughout the duration of the test.

  53. Chris

    Learning the 7 deadly MUDA and how they can be eliminated are going to be most useful for me.

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