Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Book


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"Learn Six Sigma"

A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Book, Training Guide and Reference Manual

Now Available! Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Book "Learn Six Sigma"

Lean Sigma Corporation introduces a new Six Sigma Green Belt book and reference manual. It's perfect for the aspiring Lean Six Sigma Green Belt as well as any seasoned professional looking for an up to date reference book.

Written to supplement our online training and to meet the needs of our test prep customers and licensing clients. "Learn Six Sigma" is 400 pages of comprehensive coverage of the entire D.M.A.I.C. methodology and all the tools in between.

This book will be your "go to" resource for concept and tool references as well as "how to" on performing statistical analysis using any one of the three major providers of Six Sigma statistical software (Minitab, SigmaXL, or JMP depending on which version you select).

Professionally formatted and edited, "Learn Six Sigma" is based on our accredited training curriculum which stacks up perfectly to the body of knowledge prescribed by the Council for Six Sigma Certifications (CSSC), American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC).  All content can be easily and quickly accessed through a complete table of contents and handy index.

Six Sigma Green Belt Book Sample

About the Author

Michael ParkerMichael Parker, author of "Learn Six Sigma" is the founder of Lean Sigma Corporation and managing director of the related consulting arm LS Corp. Degreed in Economics, Michael achieved his Six Sigma Black Belt certification over 15 years.  Four years after that, he earned the designation of Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He actively practices his trade through corporate consulting engagements leading operational excellence and lean six sigma deployments.

Originally trained in Six Sigma in the manufacturing environment, Michael mastered his practice in the transactional environment at Bank of America and has since extended his expertise across the industries of Healthcare, Information Technology, and Automotive.

Six Sigma Green Belt Book Outline

Six Sigma Green Belt Curriculum Outline

Six Sigma Green Belt Book Editions

Minitab 17

The "Learn Six Sigma" Green Belt Book is available in a Minitab edition which  uses Minitab 17 for all statistical analysis exercises throughout the book.

SigmaXL 7

Available in the SigmaXL edition, the "Learn Six Sigma" Green Belt book uses SigmaXL version 7 for all data analysis exercises throughout the book.

JMP Software

The "Learn Six Sigma" Green Belt Book is also available in a JMP 11 edition featuring JMP for all statistical analysis examples throughout the book.


Minitab 18, SigmaXL 8, JMP 13