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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification


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Black Belt Training and Certification

100% online and self-paced!
Your Black Belt training and certification course is designed for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and expertise in Lean Six Sigma and the D.M.A.I.C. methodology. Certification qualifies you to lead project teams, manage people, and process improvement initiatives, leading to opportunities for advancement. The Black Belt certification course includes our trusted and honored official certification exam. The course provides both the learning you need for certification and the knowledge, information, and resources you will use for the rest of your progressive career.

Structured in the D.M.A.I.C. methodology, you will be exposed to over one hundred lean six sigma topics. Master any one of them, and you'll easily differentiate yourself from the crowd. Master many.. and you'll have a storybook career!

Black Belt Course Information
  • PDUs Earned: 105
  • Project Requirement: No
  • Step-by-step How-to: Yes
  • Exercises: Yes
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Median Days to Certify: 51
  • Phase Test Retakes: Unlimited
  • Black Belt Certification Exam Attempts: 2
Black Belt Certification Exam Information
  • Questions: 150
  • Passing Score: 80%
  • Time Limit: 3 Hours
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recertification: Not Required
  • Earned Designation: LSSBB (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt)
  • Over 5,000 People Certified (Aug'23)

Industry Leading Curriculum and Certification Provider

Lean Sigma Corporation has provided lean six sigma curriculum, training, and certifications for universities, government agencies, corporations, and consultants since 2010. We have certified over 5,000 candidates throughout our history and seek to remain an industry leader by maintaining and upholding the elite standards achieved by the professionals we designate as certified.

Earning your certification from Lean Sigma Corporation means you have successfully demonstrated mastery of our Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge. Your certification will have been received by an industry leader and benchmark, among other lean six sigma content publishers and certifiers.

Over 5,000 Candidates Certified Worldwide - Your Name is Next on the List!


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course Outline

Nearly a hundred lessons and 40 exercises cover the information you need to grow your skillset and income.  It's the full Lean Six Sigma D.M.A.I.C. Methodology. Each module is professionally narrated with matching ten-question interactive quizzes.

  • Overview of Six Sigma

    Quiz: Overview of Six Sigma

  • Fundamentals of Six Sigma

    Quiz: Fundamentals of Six Sigma
    Exercise: Pareto Charts
    Exercise: Rolled Throughput Yield

  • Lean Six Sigma Projects

    Quiz: Lean Six Sigma Projects

  • Lean Fundamentals

    Quiz: Lean Fundamentals

  • Define Phase Test

  • Process Definition

    Quiz: Process Definition

  • Six Sigma Statistics

    Quiz: Six Sigma Statistics
    Exercise: Normality Test
    Exercise: Graphical Summary
    Exercise: Box Plot
    Exercise: Histogram
    Exercise: Scatterplot
    Exercise: Run Chart

  • MSA

    Quiz: MSA
    Exercise: Variable Gage R&R
    Exercise: Attribute Gage R&R

  • Process Capability

    Quiz: Process Capability
    Exercise: Process Capability

  • Measure Phase Test

  • Patterns of Variation

    Quiz Patterns of Variation
    Exercise: Multi-Vari

  • Inferential Statistics

    Quiz: Inferential Statistics
    Exercise: Sample Size
    Exercise: Confidence Intervals

  • Hypothesis Testing

    Quiz: Hypothesis Testing

  • Hypothesis Test Normal

    Quiz: Hypothesis Testing Normal
    Exercise: Equal Variances
    Exercise: 1-Sample t-Test
    Exercise: 2-Sample t-Test
    Exercise: Paired t-Test
    Exercise: ANOVA

  • Hypothesis Test Non-Normal

    Quiz: Hypothesis Test Non-Normal
    Exercise: Mann-Whitney
    Exercise: Kruskal-Wallis
    Exercise: Moods Median
    Exercise: Friedman Test
    Exercise: 1-Sample Sign Test
    Exercise: 1-Sample Wilcoxon
    Exercise: 1-Sample Proportion
    Exercise: 2-Sample Proportion

  • Analyze Phase Test

  • Simple Linear Regression

    Quiz: Simple Linear Regression
    Exercise: Correlation
    Exercise: Simple Linear Regression

  • Multiple Regression Analysis

    Quiz: Multiple Regression Analysis
    Exercise: Multiple Regression Analysis
    Exercise: Stepwise Regression
    Exercise: Binary Logistic Regression

  • Design of Experiment

    Quiz: Design of Experiment

  • Full Factorial Experiments

    Quiz Full Factorial Experiments
    Exercise: Full Factorial Experiments

  • Fractional Factorial Experiments

    Quiz Fractional Factorial Experiments
    Exercise: Fractional Factorial Experiments

  • Improve Phase Test

  • Statistical Process Control

    Quiz: Statistical Process Control
    Exercise: I-MR Chart
    Exercise: XbarR Chart
    Exercise: XbarS Chart
    Exercise: P Chart

  • Lean Controls

    Quiz: Lean Controls

  • Six Sigma Control Plans

    Quiz: Six Sigma Control Plans

  • Control Phase Test

  • Black Belt Certification Exam

Training that Gives you Competencies and Helps You Grow

problem solver

Become a Master


Learning the DMAIC methodology teaches you to become a master problem-solver. You will learn how to properly define a problem, measure its current state, determine critical x's (the things that move the measure of your problem), validate critical x's, and statistically prove improvements after making changes. You'll be every manager's new favorite employee.


Become an Analytics


Mastering Six Sigma analytics will make you a true analytics professional by adding skills that will shoot you above your peers. This aspect of Six Sigma is one of it's true differentiators. People may argue about the value of Six Sigma but no-one can argue the value of you knowing basic statistics, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and the list goes on.


Master Your Facilitation
and Presentation Skills


Six Sigma professionals are frequently called on to present their project work, findings, learnings, and/or savings. The work you do throughout your project like facilitating meetings and presenting project statuses, help you master your presentation skills and put you in career situations where you can demonstrate your mastery to senior leadership.


Hone Your Leadership Skills


Among the countless tools and techniques you will learn, there are a group of them called "experiential tools". These are are the tools that rely upon experience and knowledge to provide information and it's your job to plan, prepare, and facilitate meetings, work sessions, brainstorming sessions, etc. to draw upon the knowledge and experience of others. Doing this through 1 or 2 projects begins to consistently put you in front of others in a thought leadership capacity. This is how you'll grow your career.


Earn Your Certification


Earn your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification and 105 PDUs along with it. With over 5,000 (Aug'23) certifications worldwide, Lean Sigma Corporation will grant you the designation of LSSBB (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) when you complete all certification requirements.


Grow Your Income


It's amazing how many different and valuable ways your professional development will advance from a Six Sigma certification. Combining them all shoots you way ahead of your peers and puts you in front of people in a thought leadership capacity while gaining access to levels of leadership you never had before. There's no better certification to pursue than a serious Six Sigma training program.

Course Version

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