Lean Sigma CorpoLean Sigma Corporationration, a global leader in Lean Six Sigma learning, has now awarded more than 750 participants with a Black Belt, Green Belt or Yellow Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma. Accelerating to a rate of over 100 certifications per quarter, Lean Sigma Corporation offers individual certifications to online learners, while also partnering with global companies to deploy and customize their courseware and eLearning content enabling licensing clients to train their own employees or offer premium Six Sigma training to their own customers.

Even while growing its user base, Lean Sigma Corporation regularly refines its curriculum and licensing products. The most recent and notable enhancement has been the launch of a new book “Learn Six Sigma” by author and company founder Michael Parker. The book includes nine variations to accommodate three levels of certification each using step by step instructions using either Minitab, SigmaXL or JMP statistical software. The book is soon to be included with each online and classroom training product offered by Lean Sigma Corporation.

Lean Sigma Corporation’s certification program guides learners through the entire DMAIC methodology. Providing professionally narrated lessons, interactive quizzes and nearly four dozen exercises with step by step instructions. Michael Parker states “Our training prepares participants for the final online certification exam but more importantly, it prepares them to be legitimate problem solvers in the business world. And now, I’m proud to say we have successfully prepared over 750 people with this exceptional capability.”

About Lean Sigma Corporation

Lean Sigma Corporation is a global provider of online training, certification, and content licensing. Among its offerings are Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt online training programs and certifications. Accredited by the Council for Six Sigma Certification, Lean Sigma Corporation maintains a 98% Customer satisfaction rate with over 1,200 online users. For more information on Lean Sigma Corporation and the training they provide, visit www.leansigmacorporation.com or call 800-849-3080.

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