Author name: Scott Payne

Scott Payne: MBA, PMP, LSSBB, is co-founder and managing partner of PM Master Prep and author of the PMP Exam prep book "PMP Exam Master Prep". PM Master Prep is a brand of Lean Sigma Corporation where Scott also serves as a managing partner. Scott's continuous improvement and process excellence background is 15 years deep and comprised of experience designing and deploying lean six sigma and kaizen improvement programs within multiple Fortune 500 companies. As a deployment expert, Scott has designed, implemented, and managed multi-site kaizen improvement programs, generating $20+ million in annual savings, in multiple industries. An experienced facilitator and Black Belt, Scott has had oversight of six sigma project portfolios as large as 40 concurrent projects and facilitated 50+ value stream mapping and kaizen events. He is a systems engineer by education earning his Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Merchant Marine Academy while also lettering 4 years as an NCAA division III swimmer. An MBA graduate of the College of William and Mary, Scott has earned his Six Sigma Black Belt certification from Villanova University, Certification in Lean Practice from Old Dominion University, and Theory of Constraints Project Management Technical Expert certification from the AGI-Goldratt Institute.

The Six Key Components of a Successful Operational Excellence Deployment

A successful operational excellence deployment does not occur naturally. Instead, Executives that succeed understand that OpEx deployments must be designed with principle and managed with purpose. Even in the face of these facts, Executives often respond by saying “I understand what has worked for others in the past, but our company and industry are unique. The …

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10 Reasons Operational Excellence Deployments Fail

What most people don’t realize is that a majority of operational excellence deployments are destined to fail before they even start. In fact, in our experience, we have determined that there are 10 reasons operational excellence deployments fail. Occasionally, deployments die quickly (being cancelled 12 to 18 months after starting), however, most programs languish for …

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Ready to Deploy Operational Excellence?

In the weeks before starting a recent deployment an executive asked, “Do you think our company is ready to deploy operational excellence?” In our experience this is a fairly common question from executives in non-traditional Lean Six Sigma industries (Government, Healthcare, Retail, Non-profits, etc.). 95% of the time executives ask this question in the week …

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Why Deploy an Operational Excellence Program

So you want to implement an operational excellence program.  Before you take any action step back and ask yourself “Why?” In our years of practice we have seen Operational Excellence (OpEx) deployments implemented for a variety of reasons. In working with executives at various fortune 500 companies we have found that the most commonly quoted reasons …

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