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Our Six Sigma Powerpoint package is a complete set of lean six sigma training material designed to make you ready to implement or augment your own six sigma training program. Designed for instructor lead classroom training. This package has everything you need to implement a premium lean six sigma training program. Professionally designed and edited PowerPoint files totaling over 1500 pages of content complete with instructor notes.

Content files can be arranged to create a full DMAIC coverage of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt courses as well as any abbreviated curriculum such as Yellow Belt (suggested curriculum outlines provided).

This training content is among the worlds best commercially available Lean Six Sigma PowerPoint content. Every exercise includes step by step instructions on how to perform analysis using Minitab, JMP, or SigmaXL (depending on the courseware version you choose).

Includes White Label License:

Customization, Re-branding & Copyright Removal

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

Our Six Sigma Powerpoint package now includes DFSS training material which follows the DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify) methodology. The DFSS curriculum will teach you how to design products and/or processes using customer intelligence gathered through direct or passive methods.

In addition to understanding the design of a process or product you will be able to gather and interpret customer feedback and the steps taken to translate that information into actionable and measurable requirements.

Like the Six Sigma Powerpoint package, this training material is formatted in microsoft Powerpoint (.pptx file format) that will provide you with 270 pages of our full DFSS curriculum. Also included throughout the curriculum is a practical example from inception to completion that leverages the tools covered throughout the content.

Additionally, the DFSS curriculum comes with relevant DFSS templates and data files necessary to follow along in a step by step fashion. Lastly, the curriculum also features the evaluation  of design concepts and simulation modeling for thousands of outcomes using Discover Sim’s Monte Carlo simulation.

Six Sigma Powerpoint Package Details

  • Courseware accredited by Council for Six Sigma Certification.
  • Curriculum coverage for Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt and DFSS courses.
  • 100% Customizable PowerPoint files under our Enterprise Licensing agreement.
  • Includes printed courseware distribution privileges.
  • Courseware portal access to all of our .pptx files, tools, templates, data files and roadmaps.
  • Includes free updates, upgrades, and courseware additions when made available.
  • Courseware variations with the latest statistical software (Minitab 17, SigmaXL 7 or JMP 11).

License Fee Options:

  • Monthly Fee:
    • Minimum 12 month contract.
    • Licensee may cancel any time after 12 months.
  • Annual License Fee:
    • Unlimited user License.

Payment Options:

  • Credit Card: Initial credit card purchases can be set to recur monthly or annual basis.
  • Monthly or Annual Invoice: Licensees may also choose to be invoiced on a monthly or annual basis.
    • Payment terms are “Due on Receipt.
    • Invoice payment options: check, ACH or credit card.
  • ACH/Autodraft: We also accept recurring bank drafts from your business checking account.

Licensee Rights:

The following description of our Lean Six Sigma Classroom Content licensee rights is intended to provide descriptive licensing information to potential licensees. This information is not binding and is superseded by a formal license agreement entered into between the Lean Sigma Corporation and the licensee at the time of purchase.

Six Sigma Powerpoint Licensees are allowed to:

  • Edit, customize, re-brand or re-publish all of our training content.
  • Train any number of students using classroom training materials.
  • Charge retail customers for training courses and train them with our content.
  • Distribute printed courseware materials to your students.

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Six Sigma Powerpoint Variations

Minitab 17

Powerpoint curriculum featuring the use Minitab for all statistical analysis exercises.

SigmaXL 7

Powerpoint curriculum featuring the use of SigmaXL for all data analysis exercises.

JMP Software

Powerpoint curriculum featuring the use of JMP for all statistical analysis exercises.