Lean Six Sigma Powerpoint Pack

Lean Six Sigma Powerpoint Pack

Delivery Method: Download - With Courseware Portal Access
Format: Powerpoint
License Type Enterprise License
Summary: Lean Six Sigma training material for consultants, corporations and educational institutions. The Six Sigma Powerpoint Pack is provided with our industry leading "Enterprise License" providing you with customization rights as well as printed courseware distribution privileges.
Price: $12,995.00
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Lean Six Sigma Powerpoint Pack!

Lean Six Sigma Powerpoint training material for your six sigma training program. Designed for instructor lead classroom training. This package has everything you need to implement a premium lean six sigma training program.

Professionally desigend and edited Powerpoint files totaling over 1200 pages of content complete with instructor notes.

Content files can be arranged to create a full DMAIC coverage Black Belt or Green Belt course course as well as any abbreviated curriculum such as Yellow Belt (suggested curriculum outlines provided).

This training content is among the worlds best commercially available Lean Six Sigma powerpoint content. Every exercise includes step by step instructions on how to perform analysis using Minitab, JMP or SigmaXL (depending on the courseware version you choose).


100% Customizable!

Our Six Sigma Powerpoint Pack comes with an Enterprise license giving your organization the freedom to fully customize the material to deliver your own training program with your own company or school logo and branding.

Printed Courseware Distribution Privileges

This Enterprise license grants your organization print distribution privileges which means that you can print the courseware as a training manual to give to provide to your students. See Enterprise Licesnse in the footer of our website for details.

Courseware Portal Access, It's a Turnkey Solution!

Our Lean Six Sigma Powerpoint package is delivered through our secure online courseware portal accessible from our website. Not only will you get availability to downloads immediately, wIthin 24 hours of your initial license payment you will also be provided login credentials to our courseware portal where you can download all of our courseware files and get access to every update or new version release. 

Through this courseware portal you gain access to hundreds of downloadbale files ranging from our core six sigma powerpoint files all the way down to our Mintiab or Excel data files used to create our step by step analysis exercises. Courseware portal access is provided to all Enterprise licensees and comes with download privileges to the following files:

Folder Description File Count File Formats
Lean Six Sigma Powerpoint Full 1200+ page ppt file and curriculum outline 2 .ppt
ppt by Section ppt files organized by curriculum section 21 .ppt
ppt by Phase ppt files organzed by DMAIC phase 5 .ppt
ppt Print Ready ppt files pre-formatted for printing 27 .ppt
Lean Six Sigma pdf Full 1200+ page ppt file with bookmarks 1 .pdf
pdf by Section pdf files organized by curriculum section 21 .pdf
pdf by Phase pdf files organized by DMAIC phase 5 .pdf
pdf Print Ready pdf files pre-formatted for printing 27 .pdf
Tests BB, GB & YB test questions & answer keys 12 .doc .pdf
Data Files 35 Data sets in xls and Minitab versions 36 .xls .xlsx .mtw
Tools & Templates Various templates, tables, roadmaps & tools >40 .xls .doc .pdf

Updates, Upgrades and Additions

Did we mention that Enterprise icensees will also have access to updated content!, that's right, new training modules, improvements and other curriculum enhancements will always be at your fingertips because we keep our courseware portal updated with every change and revision release.

Trusted Courseware

Our entire Lean Six Sigma curriculum has been reviewed and accredited by the Council for Six Sigma Certification. This accreditation ensures that our curriculum is consistent with the industry's standard body of knowledge for Lean Six Sigma curriculae.

The Council for Six Sigma Certification is a professional association devoted to ensuring that curriculum providers and training programs maintain minimum standards for both Six Sigma certification and Lean Six Sigma certification. The Council provides accreditation services to more than 165 countries around the world and have accredited numerous universities, 3rd party training firms, consultants and individual trainers.

Courseware Versions

By default, we currently provide all training materials with examples and screen shots from Minitab. However, if your needs are something different, we also offer other courseware versions featuring SigmaXL and JMP. Read more about our courseware versions by clicking on the black courseware versions tab found among the list of tabs above.

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Six Sigma Black Belt Curriculum Outline

    • Overview of Six Sigma
      • What is Six Sigma
      • Six Sigma History
      • Six Sigma Approach
      • Six Sigma Methodology
      • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Fundamentals of Six Sigma
      • Defining a Process
      • VOC & CTQ's
      • Pareto Analysis
      • QFD
      • Cost of Poor Quality
    • Lean Fundamentals
      • Lean & Six Sigma
      • History of Lean
      • The Seven Deadly Muda
      • Five-S
    • Lean Six Sigma Projects
      • Business Case & Charter
      • Six Sigma Metrics
      • Project Team Selection
    • Process Definition
      • Cause & Effect
      • Cause & Effect Matrix
      • Process Mapping
      • FMEA
      • Theory of Constaints
    • Six Sigma Statistics
      • Basic Statistics
      • Descriptive Statistics
      • Normal Distributions
      • Graphical Analysis
    • Measurement Systems
      • Precision & Accuracy
      • Bias, Linearity, Stability
      • Gage R & R
      • Variable MSA
      • Attribute MSA
    • Process Capability
      • Capability Analysis
      • Concept of Stability
      • Attribute Capability
      • Monitoring Techniques
    • Patterns of Variation
      • Multi-Vari Analysis
      • Classes of Distributions
    • Inferential Statistics
      • Understanding Inference
      • Sampling Techniques
      • Sample Size
      • Central Limit Theorem
    • Hypothesis Testing
      • Goals of Hypo Tests
      • Statistical Significance
      • Risk: Alpha & Beta
      • Types of Hypo Tests
    • Hypothesis Tests: Normal
      • 1 Sample t-test
      • 2 Sample t-test
      • 1 Sample Variance
      • One Way ANOVA
      • Test of Equal Variance
      • Normality Tests
      • Sample Size Calcs
    • Hypo Tests: Non-Normal
      • Mann-Whitney
      • Kruskal-Wallis
      • Mood's Median
      • Friedman
      • 1 Sample Sign
      • 1 Sample Wilcoxon
      • 1 Proportion
      • 2 Proportion
      • Chi-Squared
    • Simple Linear Regression
      • Correlation
      • XY Diagram
      • Regression Equations
      • Residuals Analysis
    • Multiple Regression
      • Non-Linear Regression
      • Mulitple Linear Regression
      • Confidence Intervals
      • Residuals Analysis
      • Data Transformation
      • Stepwise Regression
      • Logistic Regression
    • Designed Expiriments
      • Expiriment Objectives
      • Expiriment Methods
      • Expiriment Considerations
    • Full Factorial Expiriments
      • 2k Full Factorial Designs
      • Linear & Quadratic Models
      • Orthogonal Designs
      • Center Points
    • Fractional Factorial
      • Designs
      • Confounding Effects
      • Resolution
    • Lean Controls
      • Control Methods for 5S
      • Kanban
      • Poka-Yoke
    • SPC
      • SPC Data Collection
      • Xbar-R Chart
      • Xbar-S Chart
      • U Chart
      • C Chart
      • P Chart
      • NP Chart
      • CumSum Chart
      • EWMA Chart
      • Control Methods
      • Control Chart Anatomy
      • Subgrouping & Sampling
      • Control Limit Calcs
    • Control Plans
      • Cost Benefit Analysis
      • Control Plan Elements
      • Reponse Plan Elements


Available Courseware Versions

Our Lean Six Sigma PowerPoint package by default has been designed using examples and screen shots from the statistical software package Minitab version 16. However, we also make avaiable other content editions that have been publsihed using either SigmaXL or JMP.

This is intended to provide you with the flexibility of choosing a version that meets the needs of your organization instead of your organization having to accomodate a lack of offering.

Minitab 16

Minitab 16 is undeniably the most popular and effective statisticall analysis software package available to the Six Sigma professional.  It is widely used across all industries and hosts some of the most effective and useful help files and data sets including not only contextual examples but also output interpretation.  This is why we have chosen to publish our training material using Minitab as our default analysis software. With Minitab on your side you'll be sure to learn Six Sigma with the best!  Our Minitab edition features analysis examples generated by Minitab 16 along with step by step instructions on how to run most of the data analysis topics covered in our curriculum.

SigmaXL 6.0

SigmaXL is the mighty xls add-on that reliably behaves and performs much like Minitab.  It's the most afforable statistical analysis alternative to Minitab.  Choosing the SigmaXL edition will give you eLearning modules that feature outputs and step by step analysis examples for using SigmaXL.


JMP 8.0

Lastly, we also offer training materials that feature JMP version 8.0.  Like Minitab and SigmaXL, the examples and output contained within the content of this edition will be from JMP v8.0. 


Lean Six Sigma Powerpoint Licensing Information

License Fee Options:

  1. Recurring License Fee: $595 per month, minimum 12 month contract. Licensee may cancel anytime after 12 months.
  2. Perpetual License Fee: $12,995 Pay only one fee for a perpetual use license.

Payment Options:

  • We Accept: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Check, eCheck, ACH and Wire Transfers

Recurring Payment Customers:

  • Credit Card: Recurring license fee customer may choose to pay by credit card and have their transactions set to automatically recurr on a monthly basis. 
  • Monthly Invoice: Licensees who elect the recurring license fee option may choose to have invoices sent to them on a monthly basis. Invoice payment terms are Net 10 upon receipt.
  • ACH/Autodraft: Recurring bank drafts from your business checking account can be arranged for recurring fee clients.

Licensee Rights:

The following description of our Lean Six Sigma Powerpoint licensee rights is intended to provide simple descriptive licensing information to potential licensees. This information is not binding and is superseded by a formal license agreement entered into between the Lean Sigma Corporation and the licensee at the time of purchase.

Enterprise Licensee's are granted the right to:

  1. Edit, customize, re-brand or re-publish any of our training content
  2. Train any number of students using classroom training materials.
  3. Charge retail customers for training courses and train them with our content.
  4. Distribute printed courseware materials to your students.

Licensee's do not have the right to:

  1. Remove Lean Sigma Corporation copyright marks from any material (ask about White Label privileges)
  2. Re-sell or re-license our content.
  3. Transfer your licensing rights to any 3rd party.
  4. Transfer our content to any 3rd party.

To inquire about licensing our training materials call 800.849.3080

Contact us via our web contact form: Contact Us

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